our clients

We work with clients from a wide range of backgrounds and lifestyles. The list includes academics, accountants, business owners, doctors, professionals, and retirees. These people share common characteristics that include financial success in their life and the desire to save and leave a legacy for their family.  We have clients that are self-made and have accumulated their assets over a long period of time. Others are in the process of accumulating wealth and need help with all aspects of their financial life. They find they have the aptitude for investments but not the time or inclination. We are here to help.

Our private clients have a long-term focus, and have been educated not to react to the short-term volatility in the market. They’re looking to not only preserve their wealth but grow it for the next generation and even charitable beneficiaries. Many clients have a charitable gift fund, even younger clients. Our clients do not chase short-term performance, nor do they seek to time the market or take on excessive risk.

Most of our clients are focused on investment management, taking advantage of our expertise and experience. But periodically, they will look to us for help with their entire financial life, and seek advice on how to help their children and grandchildren. For those clients, we will dig into more sophisticated planning and coordinate with their network of professionals.

Here are two recent client stories that serve as examples of how we work with clients.

Rob recently met with a couple and the husband is considering a job change. He is nervous about being out of work for what may be an extended period. Rob reviewed their current portfolio, goals and objectives, and discussed some funding alternatives should the client be out of work for a time. The portfolio is well diversified, the spouse has a solid position in her firm, and their retirement balances are secure. The change presents an exciting opportunity for the client to find a new role that he will enjoy for the rest of his career.

In another instance a client has experienced declining health and lacked a proper estate plan to ensure his second wife and his child from his first marriage are protected and the assets are divided equitably if he is incapacitated or passes. We are working with a local attorney to create trusts to avoid the cost and complexity of probate while ensuring his wishes are in place for his family. We are making sure all aspects of his wealth are aligned and working efficiently toward the same goal. If you’re in need of experts, we can tap our network of skilled professionals.

Clients Served: