portfolio management

All portfolios are customized to the needs of the client. We will take into consideration client preferences, restrictions, social parameters, single stock risk, and tax guidelines.

We view holdings holistically to determine which portfolios should be invested for safety of principal and income generation, and which portfolios will be invested for growth and legacy planning. For example, a taxable account post retirement but prior to age 70 may be used to provide tax-exempt income, while the tax-deferred IRA will still be invested to generate growth. Post age 70 when the required minimum distribution will be generated annually, the objectives of each account will change to reflect the tax nature of the accounts.

Overall asset allocation will be determined based on your risk tolerance and time horizon, with a discussion of your income and liquidity needs, tax circumstances, and other preferences. The asset allocation is presented and discussed each quarter, including holdings that may be held outside of our management. The asset allocation selection will be the primary determinant of portfolio returns over time.

We believe in well diversified portfolios with an emphasis on risk management, tax efficiency, and reasonable fees. We utilize active and passive (index) investments, and frequently prefer passive investments should we find active investments are not providing the appropriate risk and return metrics suitable for our clients.

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